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Danny Kennedy Rocks It In Bloomberg Solar Energy Interview

How much will solar save you? Find out in about 60 seconds! Danny Kennedy, founder and president of Sungevity, was recently interviewed by Bloomberg TV. Most of the questions were about residential solar energy in the US in general. Danny knocked the ball out of the park so many times that I think someone should […]

October 30, 2013

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FPL About To Offer More Solar Rebates

If you’re in the large Florida Power & Light region of Florida, now might be an excellent time for you to finally look into going solar. A new application period for solar rebates starts on October 15. Florida Power & Light (FPL) announced the new rebates just yesterday. The rebates will total about $9 million. They are for […]

October 3, 2013

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WSJ Article On Solar Subsidies Misses The Beat

Generally speaking, reading and debunking horrible clean energy or electric vehicle stories in the mainstream media is not something I enjoy doing. But someone has to do it, and since I’ve been studying cleantech in depth for several years now and am in the blogging business, that someone seems to increasingly be me. Unfortunately, the […]

September 25, 2013

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$11 Million In Annual Xcel Energy Benefits From Solar Customers

Here on Cost of Solar, We focus a lot on the benefits individuals themselves receive from going solar. And we’ve written a bit about much broader benefits to society as a whole. However, something sort of in the middle are the benefits solar customers deliver to their electric grids and other grid customers. Let’s take a […]

September 23, 2013

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Most Attractive States For Investing In Solar

–> See how much money solar power could save you! There are a lot of ways to evaluate the attractiveness of a place for renewable energy or solar energy investment, and to evaluate the best solar states. Of course, it depends on what factors and assumptions you take into account, as well as what segment of […]

August 27, 2013

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Solar Panel Installers Installed Solar For Much Less in 2012 & 1st Half of 2013

A new report from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories, Tracking the Sun VI: An Historical Summary of the Installed Price of Photovoltaics in the United States from 1998 to 2012, shows that the total price accumulated after solar panel installers were done with their jobs has fallen considerably within the past year and a half. We’ve […]

August 17, 2013

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75% Of New California Solar Homeowners Are Leasing Solar

The solar leasing trend has certainly taken off. Over 75% of new solar homeowners in California are leasing solar! This finding comes from a new Climate Policy Initiative report on California solar policy and consumerism that includes a comparison of California solar leasing and California solar purchases.   The report comes to a number of interesting findings, but […]

July 29, 2013

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Must See Video: California Governor Jerry Brown On Solar Revolution

One of the biggest solar power conferences in the world was held in San Francisco last week — Intersolar North America. California Governor Jerry Brown gave the keynote address. I think it’s a must watch, so before highlighting some key quotes or adding on to Governor Brown’s statements, I’m dropping it right here:   Join […]

July 17, 2013

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