Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive at Cost of Solar. If you have a question not answered in this list, please contact us directly.

How much does a solar installation cost?

Probably the biggest advantage of solar energy is immediate electricity bill savings. No matter how small your installation, you begin receiving smaller monthly bills from your local utility company – from Day 1.

One of the most common questions prospective buyers ask is, “how much does a solar installation cost.” However, the answer depends on a number of factors including:

the size of your installation

the location of your property

whether you qualify for Solar Incentives

whether you pursue outright ownership versus a solar lease (power purchase agreement).

It’s possible to pay $0 upfront and still receive lower monthly electricity bills. But it’s also possible to pay $20k and generate tens of thousands of dollars in passive income from your installation.

By requesting a free solar estimate, you can receive an on-site inspection and detailed proposal that answers all of your questions. These solar quotes are 100% free of charge and carry no obligation to buy.

How do I pay $0 for my solar PV installation?

When people ask us how much does solar power cost, they’re often surprised to learn that it can cost as little as $0 upfront. Thanks to solar leases (i.e. power purchase agreements), you pay absolutely nothing upfront – and still receive lower monthly electricity bills than what you currently pay your local utility right now.


All of the installation and maintenance costs are fully covered by an external 3rd party. You merely lease the solar installation and pay a "lower" set rate for the clean energy you consume.


To learn more about how you can take advantage of solar leasing and other financing arrangements, request a free solar estimate today.

How much does a solar estimate cost?

At Cost of Solar, you pay absolutely nothing to receive a free estimate of your property. After requesting a solar quote, one of the contractors in our network will provide you with a no-obligation, on-site analysis of your home or business.


Thereafter, you'll receive a detailed report that outlines:


Solar installation costs

Payback periods and ROIs

Electricity bill savings

Income generation potential

Financing options

Relevant incentives and rebates


With this solar quote, you can determine whether or not installing photovoltaic (PV) panels makes good financial sense for you and your budget. Simply use the form located here to request your free solar quote today.

How much lower will my electricity bills go?

You already know that solar panels can deliver electricity savings from Day 1. But how low can your electricity bill truly get?


The answer may surprise you.


With a large enough system, it’s possible to drive your monthly energy bills down to $0. In fact, many homeowners actually receive “negative” electricity bills by taking advantage of various solar incentives. Their solar panels don’t simply offer electricity savings – they actually generate passive income day after day.


Imagine having the utility company put money in your bank account every month. Thousands of Americans already live this reality.


To learn how you can receive $0 (or negative) electricity bills every month, request a free solar quote today.

Can I really make money from my solar installation?

Yes – it’s possible to generate passive income from your solar panel installation. How much you make ultimately depends on the size of your installation and whether you live in a state that offers supportive green incentives.


New Jersey, for example, has a number of solar programs that not only help you boost your electricity bill savings, but they also help you generate income from each kilowatt-hour of clean energy that your system produces.


To learn whether your property qualifies for income generation potential, request a free solar quote today. After receiving an on-site inspection from one of the contractors in our network, you’ll receive a detailed report that includes:


Payback periods and ROIs

Electricity bill savings

Income generation potential

Solar installation costs

Financing options

Relevant incentives and rebates


Request your free solar quote today.

How large a solar PV system do I need?

Solar technology is scalable, meaning you can add as many panels as you want. And thus, the advantages of solar energy (i.e. electricity bill savings, income generation, property value increases) depend on how large a system you install.


So perhaps a better question is, how low do you want your electricity bill to go?


Admittedly, it takes some time to find that perfect balance between optimal system size and cost. But the installers in our network can help you find that balance – 100% free of charge. Simply request a free solar quote, and you'll receive a detailed proposal that outlines the best solar PV configuration for your property and electricity needs.

What incentives are available for my solar installation?

Thanks to countless federal, state, and local incentives, affordable solar panels are within easy reach of millions of Americans. You no longer have to take out a second mortgage just to outfit your home or business with solar photovoltaic (PV) technology.


However, which incentives you qualify for depends on your home state and the size of your installation. New Jersey, for example, offers a host of solar programs that you can’t find in New York – and vice versa.


By requesting a free solar quote today, the contractors in our network can help you isolate and apply for the most relevant solar incentives for your property and location. They'll even help you process the paperwork and hold your hand every step of the way. Just fill out the form located here, and we’ll take care of the rest.

How do I choose the best solar PV system for my property?

The "best" solar panel configuration is subjective. Each property is unique. Each home or business owner has slightly different needs.


But for your particular property, there is an optimal solar PV system. Figuring out the best arrangement involves requesting an on-site inspection of your home or business followed by a detailed analysis of your energy goals and electricity consumption.


This is exactly why we created Cost of Solar – to make these free inspections as easy and as accessible as possible.


Simply request a solar estimate today, and one of the contractors in our network will help you design the best possible solar PV system for your needs.

How do I choose the right solar PV installer?

Choosing the right solar panel installer for your system can be challenging.


Do you go local or with a national brand?

How do you assess workmanship and reputation?

Is one installer more affordable than another?


At Cost of Solar, we've helped demystify the process by providing direct (and free) access to one of the largest professional installer networks in the country. And you don't have to pay a single dime to review your solar options. With our free solar quotes, you can compare many different installers and select the best one based on your needs.


Use this form here to request your free solar estimate today.


Is my property suitable for a solar installation?

Every property is unique, and we can’t give you a definite answer without sending an installation team to assess your home or business (free of charge).


But if your property receives even partial sunlight, there’s a good chance that installing a solar photovoltaic (PV) system makes good financial sense.


Fortunately, it costs you nothing to find out how suitable your home or business is. By requesting a free solar energy quote, you can learn – in advance:


how much your system will cost

how much lower your electricity bill will go

how soon your solar investment pays for itself


To order your free solar energy quote, just fill out the form on this page.


What is the payback period of a solar installation?

Are solar panels worth it? Do they truly pay for themselves?


The short answer is – yes. Over the 25+ year lifetime of your system, your solar PV panels pay for themselves many times over. But how quickly can you recover the full investment?


This depends on a number of factors, including:


the size of your installation

your current monthly electricity bill

whether you qualify for solar incentives


It also depends on where you live. Payback periods for solar installations in New Jersey, for example, are 50% faster than in less developed markets like Wyoming.


For exact payback periods, request a free solar quote from one of the experienced installers in our network.


How long will my solar installation last?

From the time you first install solar panels, how long will your actual installation last?


Most systems come with 25-year warranties. This is the industry standard, and you shouldn’t accept any panels with warranties shorter than this minimum threshold.


However, with regular upkeep and maintenance, a well-installed system can continue generating clean, free energy for 30 or even 40 years.


Imagine paying 25%, 50%, or even 100% less for electricity over the next several decades. In fact, many homeowners have negative electricity bills in which the utility company pays them for the clean power they produce.


For more information about solar installation longevity (and electricity bill savings), request a free solar quote today.

What happens when it’s cloudy or nighttime?

You already know that you can save money on electricity by installing solar. But what happens to those savings on cloudy days or when the sun goes down.


Well, even on cloudy days, your panels continue to generate energy (just ask anyone who has ever gotten sunburned on an overcast day).


For nighttime energy use, you have 2 different options:


Store excess solar energy in batteries. When the sun goes down, you simply use these batteries to power your nighttime electricity needs.

Feed excess solar electricity into the utility grid during the day (at a profit) and buy it back at night. Under this arrangement, the entire electricity grid becomes your de facto battery storage.



To learn which option makes more sense for you, request a free solar quote today from one of the licensed contractors in our network.


Who services my solar power system?

There are many different components to "servicing." You have:


routine cleaning

regular maintenance

major repairs


In most cases, the system owner is responsible for cleaning and maintenance. If you purchase your installation outright, you’ll have to take care of these activities. If you lease your installation from a 3rd party, that individual is responsible for regular upkeep.


Whether you own the system or lease it, solar panel installers are usually the ones who take care of major repairs. The only difference is who receives the bill. If you’re the owner, then you have to cover these fees out of pocket. If you lease your system, the 3rd party owner will pay for all major repairs.

What if my roof needs to be repaired once solar panels have already been installed?

This is relatively rare for 2 reasons:


During your free on-site inspection, your solar installer will thoroughly examine your roof before taking any further steps. If repairs are needed, the contractor will make recommendations before installing any panels.

Solar installations actually make your roof stronger by protecting shingles from weather, wear, and tear.


But in the unlikely event that your roof does need to be repaired after the fact, your system will need to be removed temporarily. Most installers provide this service for a nominal fee. To learn more about the exact process, request a free solar consultation today.


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