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Energy Efficiency #1 On Almost Every Homeowner’s List

If increased energy efficiency is your top criterion for buying a new home, you are not alone. Very few homeowners describe their current lodgings as “energy-efficient.” Energy efficiency is the top concern of US homeowners seeking to exchange or purchase real estate. More than seven homeowners out of ten see energy efficiency as very important. […]

March 7, 2015

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30,000 Coloradans Petition Xcel Energy Over Solar Issues

How much will solar save you? Find out in about 60 seconds! A couple weeks ago, I wrote about a strong push from Colorado residents, businesses, and organizations to get 3,000 megawatts (MW) of solar on one million rooftops by 2030. Despite this, Colorado utility Xcel Energy is pushing to roll back policies that support […]

December 15, 2013

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97% of You Probably Think Going Solar Is More Expensive Than It Actually Is

Join the solar rooftop revolution! Solar panel costs have fallen off a cliff in recent years. The cost of solar panels today is about 100 times less than it was a few decades ago, and about half what it was just a handful of years ago. In many places, the cost of solar panels today […]

October 18, 2013

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15 Solar Energy Facts (That YOU Should Know)

If you’ve missed many of the articles we’ve published over the past couples months, I figured it was a good time to catch you up on some things. Below are 15 solar statistics or key facts that I think are worth your consideration: 1. About ? of the solar PV installed around the world was installed within the […]

August 23, 2013

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9 Surprising or Very Surprising Things About People Who Go Solar (Infographic)

There are a lot of stereotypes about people who go solar. Some are generally right, but some are actually way off. The most common stereotype about people who go solar is probably that they are going solar for the environment. Surely, a lot of people are into the huge environmental benefits from getting their electricity […]

June 29, 2013


You Love Solar Power, And So Do Your Neighbors, Friends, & Enemies (Infographic)

We are social creatures. We care what other people think, we learn from each other, and we discuss and debate the pros and cons of different choices we must make. Some topics are more controversial than others (ahem, gun control, government surveillance of US citizens, war…). Luckily, solar power is something we all love. Well, […]

June 18, 2013

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