9 Surprising or Very Surprising Things About People Who Go Solar (Infographic)

There are a lot of stereotypes about people who go solar. Some are generally right, but some are actually way off. The most common stereotype about people who go solar is probably that they are going solar for the environment. Surely, a lot of people are into the huge environmental benefits from getting their electricity from solar power — I mean, the majority of people think we need to help combat global warming and do more to keep our air and water cleaner, so of course they are happy that their solar panel systems are helping with that. However, about 74% of people who go solar actually say that they wouldn’t have gone solar if it didn’t help them financially. In other words, only 26% said they would have gone solar even if there was no financial benefit (of course, that’s easier said than actually done…).


Similarly, people generally think it’s liberals who are going solar, but it’s actually liberals, conservatives, moderates, and agnostics who are going solar. The overall average is practically right in the middle of the road.

Another big myth is that it’s just the rich going solar. However, the combined household income of the average household that has gone solar actually falls into the “middle class” category rather than the “rich” category.

Anyway, that’s just 3 of the 9 surprises highlighted in the infographic below. For the other 6, check out the infographic:

surprising solar facts

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June 29, 2013


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