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Check out the latest news and events surrounding solar energy and the green energy movement.

How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

When considering going solar, we know that one of the top questions tends to be something along the lines of “How much do solar panels cost?” or “What is the cost of solar?” because for many of us, adding a home solar array isn’t just about reducing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, but it’s also… Read more »

Hybrid Solar Thermal Panels Produce Electricity & Heat, for Quadruple the Energy Production

Combining two types of energy production into the same surface area allows these hybrid solar thermal panels to produce quadruple the amount of energy as a conventional solar photovoltaic (PV) system of the same size, according to Solarus. The Solarus hybrid system incorporates a solar PV component, which generates electricity from the sun, with a… Read more »

Residential Solar Costs Expected To Drop 40% By 2017

We’re hearing some more good news about residential solar costs. Experts expect a home solar system to cost a whopping 40% less within the next three years. Combined with the continuation of major solar rebates and tax credits, this makes 2015 a very opportune time to invest in the owner-friendliest option—and the easiest to install—of… Read more »

Solar Powered Cars: Solar PV + Plug-In EV Resources

Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems are a great way to economically produce clean energy at a set cost, for years to come, and when sized appropriately, can go a long way toward helping a home or business achieve energy independence. And not only can going solar put money back in your pocket, but because solar power… Read more »

Farm solar energy opportunities expand in Ohio

As well as being environment-friendly and economical for home and commercial purposes, photovoltaic solar energy has a lot of applications for farms everywhere. The US Department of Agriculture tells us that 36,331 farms use solar energy, making it by far the most common type of renewable energy technology for farming in this country. (Other stats place… Read more »

Verizon Puts $40 Million Into Local Solar Facilities

If you live in California, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, or New York, you’ll soon be seeing some great local solar installed at Verizon’s corporate facilities in your state. More than 44,000 solar panels will be set up. The new equipment for the country’s largest wireless carrier consists of high-efficiency rooftop, parking structure, and ground-mounted solar photovoltaic… Read more »