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Wisconsin solar incentives: Solar farm in Walworth County, Wisconsin (

Wisconsin Solar Incentives & Solar Energy Facts

The state of Wisconsin offers incentives to help people improve energy efficiency, increase insulation in their homes and businesses, and convert to solar and renewable power. Solar power increased in Wisconsin in 2013 by 17%. Among Wisconsin solar incentives are a rebate program, several tax breaks, a loan program, net metering, and property-assessed clean energy […]

August 29, 2014

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White House Goes Solar (Again)

There’s something quite symbolic about putting solar panels on an iconic US government building such as the White House, and although the building went solar back in 1979, during the Carter administration, it was solar thermal for hot water, not electricity, they were generating. And that solar system was removed just 7 years later, after […]

May 14, 2014

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solar charger

Personal Solar Charger Delivers Full iPhone Charge in 2 Hours

For those interested in getting started with solar power at home, small solar devices can be a great entry point, as the current state of solar charging technology allows for powering gadgets and mobile devices with the sun’s energy, without having to make a big investment. We recently covered a solar tablet charger that was […]

May 12, 2014

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home solar panels rainbow

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need?

Once people find out how affordable home solar power can be, and how many advantages there are to choosing solar energy, the next questions are often “How many solar panels do I need?” and “How much do solar panels cost?” As far as the cost of solar, we’ve previously shown that it can be 2 […]

April 23, 2014

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solar charger

Micro-Solar: A Personal Solar Charger for Tablets and Mobile Devices

While we think you’ll get the most return on your investment over the long run with a home solar PV system, sometimes all you need is a small personal solar charger for topping off the battery your tablet or other mobile gadgets with clean renewable energy, and that’s where this sleek solar device comes in. […]

April 16, 2014

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Solar For Nonprofits via Crowdinvesting

How much will solar save you? Find out in about 60 seconds! There are now several options for homeowners and businesses that want to go solar — purchasing + tax credits/rebates, solar leasing, power purchase agreements (PPAs), PACE financing, and more. However, nonprofits don’t have these same options. Due to the federal tax credit being […]

December 30, 2013

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Music Powered By The Sun

How much will solar save you? Find out in about 60 seconds! As our world becomes solarized, more and more things will be powered by decentralized solar panels. Our clothes, our cars, our furniture, and many other things will be produced using electricity from solar panels. Below are some solar-minded musicians who are creating music […]

December 23, 2013

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Solar Power Records Projected For 2014 For US, China, & World

How much will solar save you? Find out in about 60 seconds! The US Solar Market Insight: Q3 2013 report just recently showed us that the US has hit record solar growth this year, and that comes from the cheapest solar panels on record. However, expect 2014 to be an even bigger year. Market research firm IHS projects […]

December 21, 2013

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New Green Home Calculator Lets You Compete With Neighbors, Shows Your Savings

How much will solar save you? Find out in about 60 seconds! Build It Green, a California-based nonprofit, has created a new home energy calculator that shows you how much greener your home is compared to your average neighbor’s home. It also shows you how much money you save compared to your neighbor. I decided […]

December 18, 2013

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3 New Records For Solar Power In US!

How much will solar save you? Find out in about 60 seconds! I’m sure that a number of our visitors contributed to the new solar power records set in the US in the third quarter. Happy we’re part of the rooftop revolution! So, what are the three records to which I’m referring? According to GTM Research […]

December 11, 2013

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Solar Savings Calculator

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