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So you’re starting to see more solar panels sprouting up around the neighborhood. Not surprisingly, solar buyers will find, when you consider that the solar contracting industry has risen by more than 225% over the past three years and now has a value of $11.5 billion.


It’s usually pretty easy for solar buyers to check out particular installations by talking with the residents, but if you want to investigate further, here’s some useful information about what’s on the market today. A leading source for technology, development, and installation news publishes a yearly list of US solar contractors annually, ranked by influence in the solar market, as shown by the number of megawatts each company installs.

The organization just released a list a month ago, so the information you’re about to receive is pretty hot. You can sort it by type of use (residential, commercial, utility, and off-grid installations), contracting company specialty, and state. We’ll stick to residential solar installations for now, but the others are available if you are interested.

The installers listed below are only ten of the thousands of solar installers available to solar buyers across the US. You’ll want to compare with others as far as pricing is concerned. Sometimes local installers can beat the package offers provided by the big companies, while sometimes the best way is to go with the larger companies.

You’ll discover that price depends on many factors: the state you live in, the size and shape of your roof, its age, and so on. If you choose to get a quote from Cost of Solar, we can call you and discuss your options to lease or purchase so that you can choose the route that’s best for you.

Without further ado, here are the top 10 companies on the solar list, with other information that may benefit solar buyers:

Top 10 solar

Since the end of 2013, more dazzling facts about solar have come to light:

  • The first quarter of 2014 was the first time residential PV installations exceeded commercial installations nationally since 2002.
  • For the first time ever, more than a third of residential PV installations came online without any state incentives.
  • School, government, and nonprofit PV installations added more than 100 MWdc for the second straight quarter.

GTM Research says that SolarCity and Vivint Solar retained their market leads through the second quarter of 2014 as the top two home solar companies. For the first time, these two companies dominated over half of the market. Both offer financing as well as installation, and since Vivent’s recent initial public offering, both are now on the stock market.

With residential solar growing fast, these top companies are true champions, but remember the potential of smaller or local options. The continuing rapid expansion of the solar industry keeps giving solar buyers more opportunities.

Join the rooftop solar revolution today!

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October 12, 2014

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