Why Are People Still Skeptical About Solar Power?

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Solar power growth is booming in the US, and there are a lot of good reasons for that, but solar power is still a tiny percentage of our electricity supply. Meanwhile, some other countries have installed a great deal more solar power per capita and per GDP than the US. For example, grey and cloudy Germany, Belgium, and the Czech Republic kick our butt in these categories. So, the question arises, why aren’t even more Americans going solar?

We have a good sense of why people who go solar go solar. For example, see:

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But why are others not going solar? Why are people still skeptical about solar power? Why are people not cashing in on the $34,260 or so that solar panels offer them? Here are my guesses:

  1. As I wrote in my first post on this website, I think that people have a cost of solar in their head that’s about 2 to 100 times larger than the true cost of solar. (Yes, I know, there’s a big difference between 2 times larger and 100 times larger, but there’s some strong reasoning behind the wide spread. Click that link to read more.)
  2. Another possibility is that the huge financial benefits from going solar seem too good to be true. $10,000 to $100,000 in electricity savings? $0 down and savings on your electricity bill for the rest of your life? This all sounds crazy, right? It can’t be true, right? Well, as far as I’ve seen, it is true… so maybe it’s time to stop questioning reality if you’re in that boat.
  3. Some people might really be skeptical about the technology. Do solar panels really work? Will they really provide me with a significant chunk of electricity? Millions of people have now gone solar. At one point a couple weeks ago, solar panels were contributing about 50% of Germany’s electricity needs! I think it’s pretty well established now that they work very, very well.

Those are really the only things that come to my mind. And as I’ve pointed out, none of the concerns hold up. (Well, #2 might in some situations, but you can never know until you get a solar quote and have an installer look at your roof and your situation.)

Can you think of any other reasons why people might be skeptical about solar power?

It’s fine to be skeptical, but it would probably be worth more to you to be skeptical after going solar

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July 31, 2013

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