What The Electric Companies Don’t Want You To Know

Electric companies are fine and dandy — they deliver us electricity, and because they have monopolies or semi-monopolies over this critical need, governmental bodies regulate them a bit to make sure they aren’t robbing us too much. But they are companies, and their blood is aimed at making money. While they may be required to implement energy efficiency programs that encourage and help customers to save electricity, that doesn’t mean that they like doing so. And, while they have to keep a good image and good conscience (as much as a company can) and agree that we need to address global warming by switching to renewable energy, they know that this means a massive shift in their business model, how they operate, and who benefits most from the electricity that is produced.


If you install a solar power plant (solar panel system) on your roof, you become a power producer. If you do that, there are different options, but all of them involve utilities needing fewer new power plants and less transmission infrastructure. Transmission infrastructure is a key place where utilities actually make their money on you, so they aren’t particularly happy with that money stream being cut.

This all leads me to the point of the day — utilities aren’t telling you about solar power because they don’t really want you to know about it. But you should know about it, because it can save you massive moola! (Plus, it’s good for the planet, which we sort of need.)

For more info on US electricity, check out the first infographic below. And for a look at how much money you can save by slashing your electricity bill and going solar, get a solar quote via the Cost of Solar home page.

electric companies electricity infographic

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June 27, 2013

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