Solar 101: Self-Consumption of Home Solar Power

If you don’t know the first thing about solar power, other than the fact that it’s getting cheaper than the grid and it’s an affordable and renewable energy choice, making the decision to go solar at home isn’t a simple one, especially if you’ve got lots of questions about how everything works. These short Solar 101 posts are quick takes on the basics of solar, and can offer some food for thought when considering a solar PV system.

Selling clean electricity back to the grid is a benefit of a home solar array, but using the solar electricity right in your own home is a much more direct connection, with virtually zero miles of energy transportation. In this installment of Solar 101, SMA Solar quickly explains what self-consumption of solar power means, and how to use the electricity from your rooftop solar panels to power your washing machine.

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Solar 101

January 27, 2015

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