Smart Power & Solarize South Carolina Aims For 2,000 More Solar Homes in 18 Months


In some sunny regions, states that would seem to be a perfect fit for solar energy just haven’t really jumped on board yet, and lag far behind other nearby states, but one of them, South Carolina, might be seeing a boost in home solar thanks to initiatives such as Solarize South Carolina.


Solarize South CarolinaSolarize South Carolina, in partnership with Smart Power, Dividend Solar, and two leading solar installers in the state, aims to triple the number of solar homes there over the next 18 months, adding 2,000 more rooftop solar installations to the region.

The Solarize SC community initiative is designed to “assist South Carolinians with the adoption of solar power” in a state that’s ranked pretty low in terms of overall installed solar capacity (ranked 31st in the US), with just 11 MW of solar currently online.

“Communities across the nation are Solarizing at a record pace. As a lifelong local resident, it’s incredibly exciting that the Lowcountry is now the first area in South Carolina to bring this award-winning program here. If you’ve ever thought about going solar, now’s the time!” – SmartPower’s Lauren Ellison Fox, Community Outreach Manager for Solarize Charleston

With options for discounted solar installations, as well as access to $0-down solar loans from Dividend Solar (the EmpowerLoan), South Carolinians could really take solar to the bank, and receive a great return on investment, in the form of reduced energy bills, for decades to come.

In South Carolina, going solar will not only net homeowners the 30% Federal incentive, but will also qualify solar homeowners for a 25% state tax credit, which could mean that over half of the cost of going solar will be absorbed for many residential installations, and according to an example in this article, “a $25,000 rooftop solar installation would cost $11,250 after the tax credits.”

The partnership with two of the leading South Carolina solar installers, Alder Energy Systems and Sunstore Solar Energy Solutions, helps to ensure that local residents who choose to go solar are also helping to support the local economy, and although the initial program is only available in Charleston, Mt. Pleasant, North Charleston, and James Island, Solarize South Carolina will roll out across the state over the coming weeks.

And not only is the Solarize program being lauded by residents and solar companies, but it’s also being promoted by the local utility, South Carolina Electric & Gas.

“SCE&G is already leading the country in reducing coal-fired generation in favor of clean energy. Our support and investment in solar is also an important part of this effort to create a balanced energy portfolio that will serve our customers for the future. We are excited to see this innovative and award-winning program come to South Carolina.” – Danny Kassis, SCE&G VP Customer Relations and Renewables

The Solarize South Carolina program isn’t only going to help get more clean renewable power on the grid there, or help to reduce electricity costs for solar homeowners, but it also very well could help kickstart clean energy investments and employment opportunities in the solar sector in the state.

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March 20, 2015

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