Put Solar Power to Work for You

Put solar power to work for you

Why should you go solar?

Everyone’s got their own personal reasons for installing solar power systems on their homes or businesses, ranging from saving money to saving the Earth, but there are some great universal benefits to solar energy that can help make choosing home solar a winning proposition for just about everybody.

Solar power is not just about clean energy. Sure, solar panels can generate clean, renewable energy for decades, with minimal maintenance, but it’s only one piece of the puzzle.

Solar power is not just about affordable energy. Yes, buying a solar power system will help lock in your energy costs for years to come, at a time when we can expect to see rising energy prices continue, but it’s still just another piece of a bigger picture.


Solar power is not just about increasing value and making money. While installing solar panels on your home’s roof can increase its value, and excess electricity produced by those panels may be able to be sold back to the grid for extra money, increased property value and a potential income source are only two elements in the home renewable energy equation.

Solar power is not just about economic activity and energy security. Producing solar power does help with energy independence efforts, and making the solar panels in the US (and installing them here) does help boost economies and create jobs, but again, that’s not necessarily a standalone reason for going solar.

Solar power is not just about going green and being environmentally friendly. Yes, solar power is a much cleaner form of energy than fossil fuels, with each kW of solar power translating into the savings of 170 lb of coal, 105 gallons of water, and 300 lb of carbon emissions being saved, but saving the Earth is not the be-all/end-all reason for solar’s popularity.

All of the above benefits of solar power can add up to quite a positive impact on not only your local community, starting at your own home, but also on the regional and national level. And a side benefit of solar is that by putting solar on your house, your neighbors will be twice as likely to choose solar as well, so it’s a great advertisement for clean power, and just might have a domino effect in your neighborhood.

The following is an infographic that spells out some of the ways that solar power can go to work for you, including those mentioned above. Feel free to save it and share it with anyone who might be interested.

solar infographic

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July 3, 2014

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