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Solar Return On Investment Is Best In…

As many people have pointed out, solar panels aren’t like household appliances, they are more like financial investments. So, the key point many people want to know is, what’s my solar ROI (return on investment). The report summarized below shows the average solar ROI for states across the US, which is pretty cool and interesting. […]

August 8, 2013

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Renewable Energy Infographic Fun

Good infographics are fun, and… informative. This renewable energy infographic below is a pretty cool one. First, have a look, then read on for my commentary: Join the solar rooftop revolution! First of all, I think the short definition for renewable energy is actually something worth delving into for a moment. We all get the […]

August 7, 2013

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solar panels prices

Solar Panels — Prices & More

When it comes to solar panels, prices vary considerably. However, when it comes to residential rooftop solar panels, prices are fairly easy to quote. But taking another 180-degree U-turn on this, there’s one more “however” to throw in there — when it comes to putting solar panels on your roof, you won’t find a set […]

August 5, 2013

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solar energy spill billboard

Solar Quotes… & Solar Quotes

I’m a huge fan of great quotes (or, quotations, as my high school English teacher would emphasize they should be called). Obviously, I’m also a huge fan of solar power. So, a collection of awesome solar quotes is right up my alley. I’m going to share some awesome ones below, but I’ll first discuss what […]

August 2, 2013

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How Much Do Solar Panels Cost?

–> Take a few seconds to run a free solar report on your property and find out how much solar panels are projected to cost in your situation and how much solar could save you! I think one of the first questions people ask when they think about going solar is: How much do solar panels cost? Unfortunately, […]

August 1, 2013

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Why Are People Still Skeptical About Solar Power?

Why Are People Still Skeptical About Solar Power?

–> Take a few seconds to run a free solar report on your property and find out how much solar will save you! Solar power growth is booming in the US, and there are a lot of good reasons for that, but solar power is still a tiny percentage of our electricity supply. Meanwhile, some other countries have […]

July 31, 2013

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Top 25 Solar Cities In California (Not The Richest)

–> Take a few seconds, run a free solar report on your property, and find out how much solar will save you! Sunible, a company started by solar market data resource PV Solar Report, has just released a new report detailing which California cities are installing the most solar power. Completely in line with the what […]

July 30, 2013

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75% Of New California Solar Homeowners Are Leasing Solar

The solar leasing trend has certainly taken off. Over 75% of new solar homeowners in California are leasing solar! This finding comes from a new Climate Policy Initiative report on California solar policy and consumerism that includes a comparison of California solar leasing and California solar purchases.   The report comes to a number of interesting findings, but […]

July 29, 2013

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Woman Wins $34,260 In Lottery, Decides Not To Claim It

If we saw a headline about a man or woman winning $34,260 in a lottery and then deciding not to claim it, I think the story would get most of us to click through, read on, and drop our jaw in disbelief as we read about the absurdity of the situation. Why would someone throw […]

July 28, 2013

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Solar Panel Installation Cost $0

Solar Panel Installation Cost — $0

What’s the price of going solar? What’s the solar panel installation cost in your area? In over a dozen states, it is now $0 or close to $0.   The “problem” with solar power is its long-term savings… or, rather, that its massive savings are generally reaped in the long term. Many people who have […]

July 25, 2013

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