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As our world becomes solarized, more and more things will be powered by decentralized solar panels. Our clothes, our cars, our furniture, and many other things will be produced using electricity from solar panels. Below are some solar-minded musicians who are creating music for our listening pleasure using solar power. Check them out and give them support if you like their music!


Turtuga Blanku

I ran across Turtuga Blanku in 2012. His solar-powered studio, the “Green Machine,” is located on an island in the Caribbean. You can learn more about it via the link above, but here’s a quick synopsis of the studio and Turtuga:

Although foremost a musician, Turtuga Blanku is a biologist by education and at heart as well. This is reflected in some of the lyrics, but especially in the way Turtuga Blanku produces music. 

The ‘Green Machine’ is a completely solar powered studio. By using renewable energy resources, you don’t have to choose between being environmentally conscious and enjoying modern day luxuries. 

The combination of a European background and working with sea turtles in the past at Turtuga Blanku’s current Caribbean home base accounted for the nickname he was given: ‘Turtuga Blanku’ (which means ‘White Turtle’). It also led to the development of a rather fresh style of music with pop-reggae-funk influences; you think you have heard it before, but it does not sound like anything you know.

Turtuga has just released a new single, “All The Same.” I don’t think there’s a video for that one yet, but give it a listen. He also has a ton of previous stuff available on the Turtuga Blanku site if you’re into these three songs.

Karmic Juggernaut

This second video is one that the founder of Cost of Solar recently ran across and passed along to me. You can see in the title that it says, “solar-powered mobile recording.” If you jump down to the description area on YouTube, you’ll find a link to Sun Lab Studio. Here’s more about the studio from that website:

The Sun Lab is a mobile recording studio, powered entirely by solar energy. We record music in non-traditional, usually outdoor spaces, out in the world where we can feed off of the energy of the sun and the environment around us. 

The Sun Lab was born out of a desire to combine all of the things we love: music, being outdoors, and hanging out with friends. By inviting musicians outside of the stuffy confines of the traditional recording studio, we can capture performances that are directly inspired by the outside world in which they happen. 

Our solar technology gives us the ability to be mobile, which allows us flexibility to explore and record in places where grid energy is otherwise unavailable. Being solar also gives us the opportunity to promote alternative energy sources, and to spread awareness that alternative energy is not only useful, but readily accessible as well. 

Check out the Sun Lab Studio site for more.

So, those are some cool solar-powered musicians I know about. Chime in below if you know of others! 😀

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December 23, 2013

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