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How much will solar save you?
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No one wants to be a dumbass, but we all are sometimes. Heck, many of us do things every day that probably make us feel like dumbasses. But, still, it’s not cool to be a dumbass, and nobody really wants to be a dumbass, right?

A quick Google definition search for dumbass (sort of a dumbass thing to do) comes up with this: “stupid; brainless.” My point — the point of this article — is that it’s completely brainless to have a roof and have the capability of putting solar panels on that roof that could save you tens of thousands of dollars, but then not take advantage of that opportunity.


It’s okay if you actually didn’t realize you could save such a large amount of money by going solarsolar panel costs have come down tremendously in just the past few years, and the media hasn’t done a good job of figuring that out or passing the information on to consumers. If you didn’t know you could save so much money, you’re not actually a dumbass, of course — you’re just uninformed.

But now you are informed. And you can easily get more informed by actually seeing a projection of how much you could save by going solar. So don’t be a dumbass. If you have a roof and don’t have solar panels yet, then use your brain, input a few details into this short thingy, and get hooked up with a rooftop power plant that makes you an electricity producer, not just an electricity consumer.

How much will solar save you?
Find out in about 60 seconds!

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November 29, 2013

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