Disadvantages Of Solar Energy Debunked

Disadvantages of solar energy? Well, there aren’t really any notable ones compared to other sources of energy, but I’ll bet that you’ve heard plenty of “disadvantages of solar” myths, so we’re going to debunk some of those. Read on…

There’s something you and I and everyone else need to know about the world — a lot of people will do what’s wrong over what’s right if what’s wrong benefits them more. Unfortunately, that’s one of the facts of life. Naturally, a lot of us won’t generally drop the baton and go that route, but it should be no secret than many will.

In the realm of business, this is even more likely. Quite simply, businesses have one overriding directive — make money. They aren’t humans (even if the Supreme Court considers them to be). In the realm of energy, solar is threatening other (very rich and powerful) industries that have been king of the roost for a long time. Naturally, they aren’t going to surrender their gold easily. Through funded campaigns, through the unfunded but ill will of employees within competing industries, and through those unwittingly misinformed by such campaigns and ill will, untrue “disadvantages of solar energy” are spread. Last year, in an effort to counter 5 of the most common solar energy myths, the folks at pv magazine created the following awesome infographic:

disadvantages of solar energy debunked infographic


As we showed in much more depth in the past week, yep, solar energy is getting much, much cheaper. And, yes, solar is now becoming competitive with fossil fuels in many places, and it can actually save you a pretty penny (er, millions of them) all across the US.

In other words, several of the most commonly repeated “disadvantages of solar energy” are simply advantages of solar energy flipped on their heads. That’s not really fair play, but at least it’s easy to respond to such myths. Be sure to help inform others and keep our democracy moving forward by sharing this post!

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June 22, 2013

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