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Sunpower solar panel installation (

The Solar Rooftop Revolution, Animated

When it comes to residential solar, we live in exciting times, as the price of solar panels keeps dropping, while other energy costs keep rising, and advances in solar technology are increasing panel efficiencies all the time. Given that we don’t often see a drop in energy prices, so we can pretty much count on […]

December 3, 2014

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Does Solar Power Make Sense for Your Home?

Home solar power keeps getting more popular by the week, and with good reason, but is it right for your home? With the cost of solar panels dropping, and the price of energy rising, solar power can be a great investment for homeowners, not only for the boost in property value, but also for helping […]

November 21, 2014

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Michigan solar

Michigan Solar Calculator & Comprehensive Guidebook for MI Solar

You don’t have to live in an extremely sunny location, such as Arizona, New Mexico, or California, to get the benefits of solar power at home, although residents of those states are certainly a great fit for solar. But as demonstrated in some of the leading solar states, such as New Jersey, your location doesn’t […]

November 11, 2014

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Solar Bonds: Solar Investment for Everyone

Investing in the future of clean energy by buying solar bonds can yield a 4% return, and with a minimum buy of just $1000, solar bonds are solar investment for the rest of us. While it’s true that the cost of solar panels keeps dropping, and that to financing a residential solar power system is […]

October 23, 2014

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solar panel array

New Info Brings More Choice for Solar Buyers

So you’re starting to see more solar panels sprouting up around the neighborhood. Not surprisingly, solar buyers will find, when you consider that the solar contracting industry has risen by more than 225% over the past three years and now has a value of $11.5 billion.   It’s usually pretty easy for solar buyers to […]

October 12, 2014

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Plug-n-Play home solar power

Affordable Solar: Novel Plug-n-Play Home Solar Power System Installs in 10 Hours

One of the bigger elements, in terms of both time and costs, to installing a home solar power system (other than the cost of the solar panels themselves), is the installation of the solar array. To properly support and distribute the weight of the solar panels, a racking/mounting system has to be installed on the […]

October 10, 2014

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solar panels tampa florida

Tampa Electric to Build Region’s Biggest Solar Array at Tampa International Airport

The Tampa Bay region will soon have a utility-scale solar array, thanks to the recent announcement of a 2 MW solar photovoltaic (PV) installation to be constructed by Tampa Electric on the roof of a building at the Tampa International Airport.   The new project, which is expected to be completed and producing solar power […]

October 1, 2014

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This Rooftop Solar Assessment Tool Could Reveal the Solar Potential of Every Roof in the City

A rooftop solar mapping and assessment tool developed at MIT could eventually make it dead simple to discover the solar potential of every single rooftop in a city. The tool, called Solar System, uses high resolution mapping data to create a 3D model of the entire community, including roofs and trees, and then calculates their […]

September 26, 2014

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Solar helps schools in many ways (

New Report Shows Solar Helps Schools Save Big

With school budgets stretched thin all over the USA, welcome news comes from the Solar Foundation and the Department of Energy’s SunShot Initiative. You’ll be surprised how much money solar helps schools save.   The study on solar in U.S. schools, called Brighter Future, has found that nearly 2.7 million K-12 students now attend schools […]

September 25, 2014

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home solar systems

Solar Leasing or Solar Ownership? Ultimate Solar Calculator Helps You Decide

The cost of solar continues to go down, down, down, and so the question is not whether or not to go solar. To lease or not to lease your solar panels, that is the question. If you’re in the market for a home solar system and have the cash or access to a low-cost financing […]

September 22, 2014

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Solar Savings Calculator

Get the facts. Find out exactly how much solar will save you, including which Tax and Financial programs you qualify for!