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Check out the latest news and events surrounding solar energy and the green energy movement.

Hawaii Solar: Public-Private Partnership Brings $100M in Solar Financing to Nonprofits & Businesses

A recently announced public-private partnership between the state of Hawaii, Panasonic Eco Solutions, and Coronal Group LLC will offer up to $100M in solar photovoltaic (PV) financing to underserved nonprofits and businesses in this island state. The partnership, which is part of Hawaii’s Green Energy Market Securitization Program (GEMS), was put together by Clean Power… Read more »

Solar Calculator Estimates Solar Electricity Production & Payback Time

If you’re interested in the prospect of moving toward getting a home solar system, but don’t know enough details yet about the potential electricity production that a solar array could provide to your own house, or about the basic economics of solar electricity in your region, to want to get a free solar site evaluation… Read more »

Measuring Solar Power Success By Rise In Solar Jobs

As we mentioned in an earlier article, in 2014 solar jobs grew 20 times faster than US job growth overall (21.8% solar job growth vs. 1.1%). Here’s some further information, state by state. The Solar Foundation, an independent nonprofit based in Washington, DC, just published these amazing numbers in its annual National Solar Jobs Census… Read more »

Hybrid Solar Thermal Panels Produce Electricity & Heat, for Quadruple the Energy Production

Combining two types of energy production into the same surface area allows these hybrid solar thermal panels to produce quadruple the amount of energy as a conventional solar photovoltaic (PV) system of the same size, according to Solarus. The Solarus hybrid system incorporates a solar PV component, which generates electricity from the sun, with a… Read more »

Solar Jobs Grew 21% Last Year: National Solar Jobs Census

The growing popularity of solar power has had another positive effect, beyond the obvious ones of feeding clean renewable energy into the grid and making a healthy return on investment, in that it’s helped the domestic solar job sector to soar, which in turn also helps to strengthen local economies. The National Solar Jobs Census… Read more »