Insane Texas Solar Energy Statistic

Everyone know that Texas is oil country. It’s been pumping oil out of the ground for decades and decades. It’s had TV shows and movies based on this industry. But did you know this stat:

More energy falls on Texas in the form of sunshine in one month than was in all of the oil ever pumped out of the Texas earth.

solar energy texas


Pretty astounding. Now that the cost of solar is coming down so much, the Texas solar industry is also starting to grow. For various reasons, it isn’t growing as fast there as in solar leaders California, New Jersey, Arizona, New York, Pennsylvania, Hawaii, Nevada, Colorado, and so on… but the average 20-year savings there for people who go solar is still over $20,000. Not bad!

As solar grows and grows, Texas will surely become a solar energy giant, and its solar power output could very easily dwarf its oil production one day. Wouldn’t that be something to see!

If you’re in Texas and want to help make history, want to help in this technological and energy transformation, want to become more energy independent and self-reliant, get a solar quote today and see how much money you can see by going solar.


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July 2, 2013


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