Ok… So… I can lower my electric bill & save the environment, what’s the catch?

Lower my electric bill and save the planet? Yes! Is there a catch?

Everyone knows that solar power is better for the environment. It doesn’t take much thinking to realize that electricity produced from capturing sunlight is cleaner and better for our air, water, and climate than electricity produced from burning coal or gas. (But wait, what if we capture all the sunlight and don’t have any left over for the beach?!… Oh yeah, never mind.) Luckily, in-depth studies have confirmed the logical hunch we all have — solar power is much, much greener than those electricity-producing people-killers of past.

Now, people are also starting to pick up on the idea that they can lower their electric bill so much with the advanced solar panels of today that they can also save a ton of green in their wallet. Heck, some people may have even heard that the cost of solar power has dropped off a steep freakin’ cliff in the past few years. If they get a quote (you can do so on our site) they’ve probably also found out that they can save tens of thousands of dollars (yes, real US dollars, not monopoly money) by going solar.


However, for those with sun-collecting roofs that are still for some reason panel-free, you might be asking, “Where’s the hitch anyway? What’s the catch? Why haven’t I gone solar yet?”

It’s a good question. There’s actually no hitch, so why haven’t you gone solar? No need to be afraid of extra money in your bank account or the inevitable solar energy spill.

solar energy spill billboard

Check out the advantages of solar energy and “disadvantages” of solar energy to continue learning about the “catch” of going solar.

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Cost of Solar

June 25, 2013

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