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Check out the latest news and events surrounding solar energy and the green energy movement.

SunEdison is NASCAR’s Official Solar Energy Partner

In what seems like an unlikely partnership between strange bedfellows, NASCAR has announced that the solar company SunEdison is now the Official Solar Energy Partner of NASCAR Green. You know solar energy is hitting the mainstream when partnerships form between solar companies and industries that are highly dependent on fossil fuels for their livelihoods, and… Read more »

No-Cost Mobile Solar Generators Available for Universities

While we are mainly focused on grid-tied residential solar energy installations and commercial solar applications, we’re also incredibly supportive of the adoption of solar power solutions at every level, including mobile and offgrid solar generators, as every deployment of solar adds to the momentum of the clean and renewable energy revolution. And that’s why we’re… Read more »

Solar Quotes, Part 2

We’re confidently optimistic about the future of solar energy, and we’re positively bullish on the current state of solar, so we hope you’re here to get a solar quote for your home or business, which we can do quickly and efficiently, so you don’t have to waste any more time getting the skinny on renewable… Read more »

New York Solar: Empire State Grows Solar 300% Since 2011

Solar energy in New York State has been experiencing triple digit growth over the last few years, and thanks to NY Governor Cuomo’s Reforming the Energy Vision strategy, this solar growth shows no sign of slowing down. An announcement about the growth of solar in New York State was released today by the Governor’s office,… Read more »

The Power of Sun Shines Bright with Minnesota Community Solar

It’s cold in Minnesota, but the state has abundant and strong sunshine most of the year, so despite the snow factor, you should not be surprised that community solar programs—mini-power plants—are springing up there. Just this past week in Minnesota, SolarCity, the nation’s #1 solar power provider, and SunShare each made news with plans to… Read more »

How Solar Panels Work, Explained in 6 Seconds

For most of us, aside from the electricians, technicians, and engineers who work with electricity every day, the currents that power so many of the things that we use on a daily basis is quite magical. When everything is working correctly, we don’t even notice it. It’s silent, invisible, odorless, and can be accessed nearly… Read more »