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A Guide To The Value Of PV Solar For The Layman

Originally published on Solar Love. The PV solar industry is experiencing explosive growth and many homeowners and business owners are being approached by solar companies to buy or lease a solar system. The purpose of this solar guide is to provide consumers with real numbers and objective information so they will be educated on what… Read more »

DIY Solar Installation Overview: 3 kW Grid-Tied Rooftop Array

Going solar doesn’t have to always mean hiring a solar contractor, and if you’re a DIY solar enthusiast who has the time, the skills, and the inclination to so, you can install your rooftop solar array yourself. A fair bit of research will go a long way toward building a successful DIY solar system, and… Read more »

The Photovoltaic Effect, Explained With Beer Pong

You don’t have to know how rooftop solar panels work in order to get the benefits of clean electric power from them, but the more you know about it, the more informed decisions you’ll be able to make. For instance, when we talk about solar energy, there are a few distinctly different technologies at play,… Read more »

What is the Best Solar Panel Angle?

A home solar array is only as useful as it is appropriately sized, oriented, and installed. A poorly-matched system installed in a suboptimal location can be a big disappointment, so it’s important to pay attention to a lot of little details when planning to go solar. Even if you hire a top-notch solar installer, someone… Read more »

Is Solar Energy Renewable?

When considering the idea of solar as an energy source, a lot of the questions that people tend to ask are the obvious ones, such as, “How much does solar cost?” and its corollary, “How much will I save?,” as well as, “What kind of financial incentives are there to going solar?,” but when it… Read more »

How Solar Panels Work, Explained in 6 Seconds

For most of us, aside from the electricians, technicians, and engineers who work with electricity every day, the currents that power so many of the things that we use on a daily basis is quite magical. When everything is working correctly, we don’t even notice it. It’s silent, invisible, odorless, and can be accessed nearly… Read more »

Home Solar Guide Aims to Help Homeowners Make an Informed Choice

For the average homeowner, the ins and outs of a home solar energy system aren’t nearly as well understood as many other possible home upgrades, but a new guide from the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) aims to shed some light on the subject and help make it easier to make an informed decision about… Read more »

Solar Calculator Estimates Solar Electricity Production & Payback Time

If you’re interested in the prospect of moving toward getting a home solar system, but don’t know enough details yet about the potential electricity production that a solar array could provide to your own house, or about the basic economics of solar electricity in your region, to want to get a free solar site evaluation… Read more »

Solar 101: Self-Consumption of Home Solar Power

If you don’t know the first thing about solar power, other than the fact that it’s getting cheaper than the grid and it’s an affordable and renewable energy choice, making the decision to go solar at home isn’t a simple one, especially if you’ve got lots of questions about how everything works. These short Solar… Read more »